Medicare Part DMedicare Part D Plans are stand alone Prescription Drug Plans.  Everyone who is enrolled in Medicare is eligible to purchase A Medicare Drug Plan.  To get Medicare prescription drug coverage, you must join a plan approved by Medicare to offer Medicare drug coverage. Each plan can vary in cost and specific drugs covered.

Two Ways to Get Prescription Drug Coverage

You can get Medicare prescription drug coverage in a couple ways:

  1. Stand alone Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) – These plans can add drug coverage to other Medicare health plan types that do not provide prescription drug benefits such as: Original Medicare, Private fee for service plans, Medicare Supplement plans etc.   You must be enrolled in Medicare Part A & Medicare Part B in order to enroll in a stand alone Medicare Prescription Drug Plan.
  2. Medicare Advantage or other Medicare Health Plans that include drug coverage – Medicare Advantage Plans that include drug coverage are sometimes also called MA-PDs.  You must have Medicare Part A & Medicare Part B to enroll in any Medicare Advantage Plan.

What Do Medicare Part D Plans Cost?

Most Medicare drug plans charge a monthly fee that varies by plan. This monthly premium is in addition to the Medicare Part B premium that you are required to be enrolled in.

If you’re in a Medicare Advantage Plan, or a Medicare Cost Plan that includes Medicare prescription drug coverage, the monthly premium may include an amount for prescription drug coverage.


Average Medicare Part D Monthly Premium By State (2015)

Average Medicare Part D premiums by state ranged from $42.55 – $63.96 in 2015.  The ten states with the lowest average Medicare Part D monthly premiums are listed below

Location Overall
1. Hawaii $42.55
2. New Mexico $46.43
3. Maine $48.57
3. New Hampshire $48.57
5. Delaware $49.28
5. Dist. of Columbia $49.28
5. Maryland $49.28
8. Louisiana $49.97
9. Arkansas $50.11
10. Arizona $50.30


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Other options for Medicare beneficiaries without prescription drug benefits include free prescription drug cards, which do not cost the member anything, and can lower the cost of prescriptions considerably.  The discount received on getting prescription drugs will vary widely based on the drug being filled but they can be very effective in reducing prescription drug costs if you do not have coverage.  There is not cost or obligation to use these cards.


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