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This page is intended to serve as a “Medicare Library”. A senior healthcare resource that you can bookmark and return to whenever you have healthcare or Medicare related questions.  The resources contained here include articles, educational resources, forms and more.  Utilize the resources here to learn more about the senior healthcare marketplace, and products.  This Medicare library will be frequently updated with new resources, so stop back periodically to see whats new.



Misc. Medicare Resources & Forms

Official 2016 Medicare Handbook (.pdf) Courtesy of CMS

Medicare Acronym Search Tool

Medicare Glossary

Medicare Part B Enrollment Form (.pdf Form)

Medicare Supplement Plan Matrix

Choosing a Medigap plan (.pdf) 2015 Guide.  Courtesy of CMS




Educational Videos

Understanding Your Medicare Choices (3:30) courtesy of CMS

The Story of Medicare: A Timeline (7:00) Courtesy of Kaiser Family Foundation

Medicare Part D & Prescription Drugs (1:55)

Enrolling in Medicare Part Advantage (Part C) & Medicare Part D Plans (8:16)

What is Medicare Advantage?


health-insurance-statsMedicare Facts & Data

Top Medicare Advantage Organizations by Enrollment





LinksUseful Medicare & Senior Health Links

NIH Senior Health

Medicare on Wikipedia

Official Social Security Website


As mentioned above, this library of resources will be regularly updated with new resources from across the internet as we come across items that we think would be useful to our site visitors seeking to educate themselves on the Medicare marketplace and the underlying insurance related products.